As Africans, we are sure to contribute to a better future in respective of age, skill levels, religion, culture, obligations and identity. And as individuals who want to share their magic to the world. Please carefully read the highlights below before you sign up. GOODLUCK

Get your magic juices flowing, gain exposure, and get rewarded.

Highlights of the contest

  • The top 3 most voted pictures will be awarded final cash prize respectively
  • The 20 highest voted pictures will be awarded as Pan African ambassadors.
  • Picture submission is made through the Photo Africa website.
  • Each picture must display racial identity and its magic either by individual unique identity or cultural identity.
  • During picture submission, all participants must give credit to their photographer.
  • Submitted picture must be individual picture displaying (Number 4)
  • The application process is reserved for Photo Africa contestants only.


We believe every individual has an inborn gift that sets them apart from others and this gift lies in the uniqueness of individual values (Magic). We want to emphasize these individual unique values by putting reality in a pictorial representation and bringing together different consciousness to promote multiculturalism.


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